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Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration Visa

4F Consultants provides complete information about Australia Immigration Visa. If you want to work, study or to live in Australia then you should have Australian Citizenship. Whatever is your reason to move Australia, you need to apply for Australia Visa. Australia Immigration

If you live in overseas country and you want to migrate to Australia for your new job or you get settled with your family there then first thing you need to find visa options that are suitable in your case. You can get work visa if you got a job in Australia, you can get Australia Student Visa if you are going to get admission in colleges there. To travel in Australia you need a tourist visa that is temporary visa granted to tourist for short term duration. It is important that you should know the right visa option for your reason to go Australia.

Types Of Australia Immigration Visa

If you want to travel to Australia then you can apply for these types of visa as per your choice.

  • To Get Australian Citizenship
  • To Migrate Australia
  • For Custom Clearance
  • State Migration Sites
  • To Study In Australian Colleges
  • For Australia Tour
  • Australia Visit Visa
  • To Work In Australia
  • To Visit Your Family

To apply for these visa types to go Australia there are different requirements and applying process that Department of Immigration and Border Protection has already defined.

Australia Citizenship:

To Get Permanent citizenship in Australia, you should apply for Australia citizenship by fulfilling the eligibility criteria of Department of Immigration and Border Protection. To get permanent citizenship to start your visa process depends upon your current statuses.

Custom Clearance:

You can get visa for custom clearance for taking your pets with you, prohibited goods, and concessions. You have to declare things like food, any plant or animal for inspecting on reaching at Australia Airport.

Australia Migration:

To migrate into Australia you need to define your reason to go there. You have to apply for visa according to your need like if you are migrating Australia for student then you have to apply for Student visa.

State Migration Sites:

State Migration Sites visas are about business migration for state or for nomination for skilled by territory. There are different reasons to apply for this immigration visa under Australian immigration law.

Study In Australia:

If you want to study in top colleges of Australia then you can get Student visa for Australia to get short-term stay there. You can apply to extend your visa if your visa gets expire.

Tour To Australia:

People who are planning to visit Australia in holidays or to travel there can apply for visit visa. This visa is granted for six months to visit Australia for temporary for different reasons like to stay in holiday, medical issues, to work or business.

Visit To Family:

If you want to visit your children or family member or you want to attend family wedding there then you can get visit visa for Australia for short term duration.