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Australia Student Visa

Australia Student Visa

Australia student visa gives the students an opportunity to study and work in Australia for a period of the duration that is equal to the time taken for the completion of your course including one month after the last day of your course class. The student applying for visa must be over the age of sixteen, anyone below sixteen is not eligible. The courses that can be applied for are:

  • Language courses e.g. IELTS Preparation, general English etc.
  • Professional courses e.g. Vocational Education and Training.
  • Undergraduate courses e.g. bachelor’s degree, PhD and Master’s.

The student visa required will only be accepted if credited along with a course provided by the Australian schools. The student visa is associated with Confirmation of Enrolment (COE), which clearly identifies the beginning and ending date of the chosen course. You can also combine multiple numbers of courses within the same applied visa. The minimum duration of each course will be twelve weeks and maximum is fifty weeks.

Procedure of applying for Australia Student Visa?

Once you have decided what courses you desire to study and the institutions, it’s finally time to apply for your student visa. To do that you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Application process For Australian Study Visa

The first step is to apply for your desired course that can be done in two steps. Firstly, by applying direct from the internet and downloading the application form from the education provider’s website and secondly, through the help of an education agent.

  • Receiving the letter of offer

If your application has been successful, you will now soon receive a letter of offer. To confirm that you accept the sent letter of offer you must sign it and send an acceptance of offer back to the institution.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment or COE

After you have read and accepted their letter of offer and paid your deposits and the cost of visa which is $535, you will now receive a confirmation of your COE by email.

  • Visa Application

If a student applying online from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for his or her visa, he or she will also need the details of their electronic COE. Finally make sure you meet all the requirements of your applied visa before you make any acceptance of an offer and payment of you tuition fees. Australia Student Visa

Requirements For Australia Student Visa 

When filling out your online application form, you will need the following requirements:

      • Financial requirements: to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your travel, living and tuition costs.
      • English proficiency test requirement: All students applying for the visa will be required to pass the English language proficiency test.
      • Health requirements to make sure that you are eligible and in good health to live and study Australia.
      • Character requirements: All of the students applying will be assessed and judged against the character requirements by the DIAC which will also include a criminal record check.
Documents Required For Study Visa

Below is a list containing all the essential documents needed to Apply for Visa:

      • Completed Student Visa application form
      • Proof of payment of funds.
      • Proof of health insurance cover.
      • Paid visa application fee.
      • Certificate of Enrolment.
      • Copy of passport.
      • English proficiency passing evidence.
      • Criminal record check results.

After meeting all the above requirements and submitting the essential documents and fee, the visa procession will start and the time taken will entirely depend on your assessment level and the type of  visa you applied for and once the process is successful, you will be able to continue your studies in Australia.