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Canada Immigration Visa

If you want to migrate to Canada then you need to apply for Canadian immigration visa for permanent stay in Canada. You can get two kinds of visa for going Canada one is immigration visa to stay permanently there second one is non-immigration visa for short term visit to Canada. People who live in overseas refers Canada immigration visa to “Canada Green Card” for citizenship. There are so many reasons to apply for Canada immigration visa. To start your immigration visa application you should first identify your reason to go Canada.

Options To Get Canada Immigration Visa:

There are several reasons to apply for Canada immigration Visa that is mentioned below:

  • Family Class Sponsorship: if you are family members are living in Canada as permanent citizen there. Then you can all for family class sponsorship on the behalf of your family members citizenship.
  • Skilled Worker Professional: are you skilled personal and to want to grow your professional career at Canada. There are several reasons for you to get immigration visa. You can apply either under federal program, Quebec program or PNP to work in Canada.
  • Provincial Nomination Program: This program allows you to migrate into Canada to settle in any the province there where you want to stay as legal citizen.
  • Business Immigration: This immigration visa attracts business holder to migrate your business In Canada. Your business immigration can contribute in Canadian economy to grow.
  • Canadian Experience Class: Temporary foreigners who are working in Canada can get Canadian Experience class visa for permanent citizenship. Canada Immigration

How To Confirm That You Qualify For Visa?

You can check your qualification and eligibility by filling online assessment test to know if you are eligible to apply for immigration visa for Canada.

Is Medical Exam Is Necessary For you?

All applicants have to undergo to all required medical examinations. This exam is to check about your health condition to detect any condition that which may affect the Canadian citizen health. You have to give medical report for blood test, urine test and X-rays.

How Long Medical Exam Is Valid?

Your one year old medical examination reports are valid for this medical exam.

What is police certificate?

All Canadian immigration visa applicants age of 18 years old or older has to submit police report of the country where they are living from 6 months. This report is a verification that applicant was not involved in any criminal activity.