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What Career Will Suit Your Personality?

Are you confused on which career to opt for? Well, definitely your skills and degrees are major parameters of defining your career, but then your personality too plays a prime role in choosing the apt job profile for you. It’s because your job is going to be one of your life long aspects and like the right soulmate, if you cannot land up with the ideal career option matching up with your personality, you can never work happily. Here is a brief on how to pick up the ideal career option according to your personality.

Outgoing personality

Are you the “people’s person” who loves to go out and interact with people? Well, then you have an outgoing personality that makes you a fantastic mixer. People with outgoing personality usually do not prefer to stay bogged down with the red tapes in one place- they need space to explore their natural outgoing flair. People with outgoing personality and generally fantastic in striking conversations and are liked by all. Thus, the most suitable career for them would be that of a PR professional. The other careers suitable for outgoing people are flight attendance, travel agent, counselor, hospitality management and sales representative.

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Introvert personality

There are people who prefer to stay in a reserved status and lack the urge to interact with anybody they meet. This doesn’t mean that they are dumb or unsocial but it’s just that they like to perform in their own space. Social climate in the professional sphere is never necessary for them. These people work the best as freelancers where they can work on their own. Research works would be suitable here as well as computer programming. According to many seasoned career counselors, introvert people score well in behind-the-scene jobs like library cataloguing & processing.

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Dominant personality

Have you always been the leader among your friends and class projects? Do you have the ability to take decisions and make others work according to it, without disturbing harmony within the team? Well, then you have a true dominant personality and in this case it’s better that you try for administrative jobs. You can even start your own business as dominant people usually loathe working under somebody.

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