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Germany Student Visa

Are you the one planning to study in Germany? If yes then don’t delay anymore and get a Germany student visa. Once you have literally been considered by any university located in Germany then you are highly suggested to apple for the sake of your student visa even minimum of three months prior to visiting Germany.

Immigration office (i.e Ausländeramt) located in Germany will receive your application along with necessary documents. Once immigration office has approved your application and all other documents, you will be provided by a residence permit i.e visa by the consulate. Right after arriving Germany, the firth thing you are supposed to do is to register.

To get student visa you can search for all Germany Top Colleges to find the right academic course for you.

Required Documents To Apply Germany Student Visa:

  • Application form (filled entirely)
  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of Admission
  • 2 photographs
  • Copy of academic record
  • Financial proof showing you are able enough to meet your expenditures while you will have been living in Germany
  • Declaration of documents authentication submitted

How Much Fee Required To Pay?

The fee for such a visa is 60 Euros that you will be required to pay before getting visa in your hands.

Where & How To Apply For Germany Student Visa?

There are German Embassies working almost in all the countries hence these are the embassies where you actually need to apply for getting Germany student visa. Other than a few exceptional cases, your applications are to be submitted together with all sorts of required documents even in person. You must apply beforehand for the visa because of the reason that student visa application processing may take even more than 25 days. Germany Student Visa

How To Pay For Germany Student Visa?

All the applicants are required to pay the visa fee via bank transfer. It is to actually inform you that credit cards and even cheques are not allowed and accepted. When it comes to money order, it has to be in the name of your country’s consulate and also, it must not be older than 2 months.

In case of rejection of your student visa application, it is your responsibility to get the fee reimbursed that you have paid already.