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Heidelberg University

Germany Top Colleges

Germany is one of those countries preferred by the students from all over the world for abroad studies. Actually it is considered in the list of most supportive countries when it comes to international students. It is very inexpensive country for students and there are many universities that don’t even charge any fees.

Germany Universities are now making English as primary language that was German before so that students can get their desired degrees in English without taking German language classes. However, local students can avail the opportunities of getting classes in their local language for their ease.

There are tons of German universities, situated across the country, and many of these are considered in the top 200 worldwide. Wherever you plan for abroad studies in Germany, and whatever you are interested to study, you are free to decide for the best and most appropriate university in this regard. To help you in making choice of best university, here’s the detail of five best Germany universities for international students. All over the Europe, Berlin is the “home” of top universities. Students studying abroad in Berlin are likely to choose the courses from a wide range available there. The courses are being offered in German together with English hence its great news for foreign students who can get admission by getting their Germany Student Visa.

  1. Free University Of Berlin:

Free University Of Berlin

Among four research universities of Berlin, Freie university of Berlin is the largest and it has been expected that one third of international students will be included in this university in near future. In QS university ranking list, it is ranked 87th and the main areas of its popularity are social sciences and arts and humanities. The branches of this university are located in Belgium, United State, Russia, Egypt, China and India so as to serve the overseas students in the best possible way.

  1. Humboldt University Of Berlin:

Humboldt University Of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin is one of the oldest universities in that area that is serving international students for years. It is ranked as 99th all over the world according to Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Humboldt University is the greatest university in the subjects of science, history, climate, sustainability research and quantitative economics. It is the highly recommended universities for the students seeking for scientific research.

  1. Technical University Munich:

Technical University Munich

In the state of Bavaria, Munich is the largest city and richest in German culture together with history. It is the 53rd university according to World University Rankings. It is considered best for students interested in technical disciplines e.g. engineering. 16% of the students’ population in this university are overseas that are round about 5000. Due to huge strength of students, it has partnership with many prestigious universities like Stanford, MIT, Georgia Tech and Cornell.

  1. Heidelberg University:

Heidelberg University

The university came into being in 1386 and it was ranked 5th in World university Rankings. It is listed in the top universities of Western Europe and it is popular because of being best in sciences. Students from over 130 countries are studying here and they comprise 30% of its total student’s population. Besides that, one-third out of doctoral students is foreigners. However, keep it in mind that most of the classes are in German so keep German dictionary with you before deciding to get admission here.

  1. Schiller International University:

Schiller International University

Schiller International University is the best University having branches in Europe and US. Although main campus lies in Florida however the first campus is located in Heidelberg, Germany. The students from more than 100 countries are studying here. The international students prefer this university because it is being accelerated by United States and follows American system of education hence all the classes are delivered in English, the International Language. Mostly, career based programs are offered here that include two-year together with four year programs.