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Germany Visit Visa

Germany Visit Visa For Tourists

The entry clearance requirements vary for different applicants on the basis of their citizenship. There are some countries whose citizens are not required to get the visa to visit Germany for their stay 90 days.

Where And Also How To Apply?

The consular services of Germany can be obtained from its Embassy located in Washington together with its consulates in Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The applicant is required to submit his/her application in person however this procedure is not required in some exceptional circumstances. Click here to get the application form to apply for Germany visit visa.

Required Documents

  • application form entirely filled in by the applicant (only English together with German versions accepted and considered).
  • two latest photographs of passport size(with plain background)
  • national passport that is not expired and also a copy there of (You are highly supposed to follow these important regulations related to your travel passport or any other such document:

(a) It has to be valid so as to extend the time period of your visa for minimum of three months

(b) There must be at least two blank pages in your passport

(c) It mustn’t be issued more than 10 years before. Keep it in your mind that your it will not at all be considered if issued more than 10 years before. It normally happens when the designated authorities within your country tends to extend the validity period of your passport. Germany Visit visa

  • the most recent of your bank statement so as to make sure, you ate able enough to meet your personal expenditures.
  • Confirmation letter assigned by health insurance that will state clearly about the hospitalization, repatriation and emergency coverage through at least 30,000 Euros that is equivalent to $50,000 and also a copy of it.
  • reference letter issued by your employer
  • any evidence regarding hotel reservation, group travel or airline reservation together with one copy.
  • your driving license together with utility bill paid in your own name so as to make sure about your residence within the particular area where you are planning to apply.