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IELTS Information

What is IELTS?

IELTS is basically the international English Language System so as to assess proficiency of candidates in English language all over the world. IELTS evaluates the candidates’ abilities whether he can listen, write, read or speak out English Language properly.

Who manages IELTS and writes the test?

University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, British Council together with IDP: ISLETS Australia own as well as manages. The candidates of test are those individuals who are having interest in international education and training or want to work in countries with English environment.

IELTS test structure and its duration?

It includes following modules:

1. Listening   (having 4 sections of 60 minutes)
2.Reading     (having 3 sections of 60 minutes)
3.Writing      (having 2 tasks of 60 minutes)
4.Speaking  (having 3 parts of 11-15 minutes)

The total duration assigned for the test is 2 hours, 45 minutes. Reading, writing and listening tests are taken in a single sitting, however speaking test may be held on same day or a week before or after those tests.

How Many Versions IELTS Has?

It has two versions:

1.Academic Test 
2.General Training Test

  1. Academic test:

Those candidates have to appear in Academic test who are seeking any institute or university for getting admission in higher education programs in English speaking countries.

  1. General Test:

General training test is for those candidates who are looking for some work experience or professional training in any of the English speaking countries.

Before getting appeared in any of these tests, you must consult student advisor or local test center to clear all the doubts in this regard, because once you have decided for the test it cannot be interchanged and also both tests have different weight.

The four parts are :

Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing are comprised in both versions.

When and where to appear for IELTS Test?

There are four seasons for test and 500 centers located in different countries. Local centers can better inform you about the test dates. Basically, the staff of IELTS centre supports you in processing your registration and providing you related information. You can take a demo IELTS Test and prepare for it.

How to register for the test?

  • Visit nearest Centre for checking the test dates and also deadline regarding registration for nearest test date. Also, get the information about registration fees for the test in your local currency.
  • Get an Application Form from nearest local test Center. To download the application form online, click here. Then fill in the form after reading it carefully.
  • Attach two of your latest photographs(passport size including signatures at back side) along with Application Form. Photographs must be clear and don’t wear goggles when getting your photos for the forms. Attach your passport’s photocopy as well (valid and it mustn’t be expired). A few of the centers may also consider your CNIC rather than passport copy.
  • Finally get your form submitted to the local centre along with registration fee. To mail the forms, contact the local center for knowing about payment.
    After registering, your test date together with venue will be informed by test centre.
  • When you go for the test, you must have your passport or CNIC, whatever you provided with your form.

What should be brought to examination room?

Bring only pencils, pens and erasers. You must have your passport or otherwise CNIC, whatever you provided with your form. You are not at all allowed to bring anything else. Cell phones must be submitted to the designated authority after switching them off. If you keep cell phone or pager with you, you will certainly be disqualified.

Can application be postponed?

If you want to postpone your application, the centre must be informed at least 5 weeks prior to the test date so that you will be entitled for the refund. However, the application can never be postponed without any medical reason. Same procedure is applicable in case of illness or absence on the test day.

When results are announced?

All the candidates receive Test Report Forms right 13 days after their test. Some  centers may inform the candidates through SMS service or email.

How is IELTS actually scored?

Test is normally scored by nine-band scale. Each band refers to particular competence in English language. The candidates are entitled individual band scores regarding Listening, Writing, reading and Speaking together with an overall band at nine-band scale. The overall band basically refers to a descriptive statement thus revealing the candidates’ summary of English language ability.

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