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IELTS Preparation

Get prepared for your IELTS exam today! Take benefit of our entirely free tests for practice. Learn about our advanced IELTS exam preparation resources plus materials. We can support you in getting the best IELTS score; however you should be willing to learn.

IELTS test day tips

Get prepared for the test day because success highly relates to IELTS, you can take a practice IELTS test on our website and improve you chances to get his score. The staff at IELTS test centre is highly professional, welcoming and friendly. They deliver the test to you very securely and fairly. You need to follow these instructions:

The Week Prior To Your IELTS Test

Get informed about the timings together with location of your test even a week before. Keep it in mind that the address of IELTS test location might vary from that of your test centre where you actually booked your test. Read all the terms and conditions regarding IELTS test so as to get informed about important information related to IELTS test day.

Your IELTS test day

Reach at the location for IELTS test on time because once you reach late, you will not be eligible to appear in the test. You must switch off all sorts of electronic devices that are with you including your cell phone. Then you will have t place all these things at the set place just outside the test room. The Reading, Listening and Writing tests will be held within 2 hours and 40 minutes. There will be no pause between different parts of your test. Keep something with you to eat beforehand. However, you can eat all sorts of eatables before the test because these are not allowed to bring with you inside test room; the only thing you can keep wit you is transparent water bottle.

Your identity together with photographs

Once you have arrived at the IELTS test location, the staff will make sure your identity. SO don’t forget to keep your ID card with you. Also, your ID card should not be expired. Besides that, keep two of our similar and recent photographs with you.

During your IELTS test

If you want to go to bathroom, rather that disturbing other candidates just raise your hand straightaway to call the invigilator to you. Raise your hand if you think, you need to ask something from the invigilator.

In case of listening test, make it sure that you can hear clearly otherwise raise up your hand and inform to your invigilator that you are unable to hear. You will be assigned just 10 minutes for filling your answer sheet after listening procedure. However, you will not even be assigned 10 minutes after reading test hence after completing each section, fill in your reading answer sheet quickly.

At the end of IELTS

Keep sitting at your seat until you are permitted by the invigilator to leave the test room. In case of any complaint regarding test on the test day, you are supposed to do so within 7 days of the test. Invigilators also possess Test Day Incident Form. You will have to fill that form in case of any complaint or issue.

Special arrangements

In case, you need some special arrangements due to any sort of disability then don’t worry; there will be adjustments for you in this regard.

Test day tips

Understand the task

During the test, focus on the instructions very carefully. Don’t forget that word limit applies to the writing section of the test and if you exceed that limit, you will be marked negatively.

Allow enough time regarding each question

There are a few questions that are given specific time to follow so you have to complete those within the specified time. There will be a clock on the wall of your test room hence manage the time properly so that you allot enough time to every question.

Stay cool enough to do your best

Keep yourself calm and do not feel worried at all. Focus on your test and questions and never rush the answers. In this way, you can give your best in your IELTS test.

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