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Norway Immigration Visa

Are you going to live in Norway permanently or temporary then 4F consultant is here to help you to find a way to apply for Norway Immigration Visa. People can apply for visa and Norway passport by going through valid procedure. To get immigration visa you need to first determine the reason to travel in Norway. If you want to live there permanently then you can apply for immigration visa but if you are going to visit Norway for short duration then you can apply for non-immigration Visa (Visiting Visa).

Find out different types of visas for that you can apply:

Family Immigration:

Do you have any family members living in Norway and you want to visit them or migrate there then you are eligible for applying family immigration visa. You can get immigration visa for spouses, fiancées/ fiancés, children, parent and other family members.

Registration Scheme For EU/EEA Nationals:

EU/EEA Nationals scheme is for those people who are living in Norway from three month for study, work or to live in Norway can apply for registration.

Tour Or visit In Holidays:

You can apply for visit visa for Norway if you are going for tour or to spend your holidays for less than 90 days.

Work Immigration:

If you are going to work at Norway permanently or for some time then you can apply for work visa for Norway. If you are skilled worker or want to work at Norway for a long time, then you can apply for resident permit.

AU Pair:

If you are interested to know about the Norwegian culture and its language by staying at its different places then you can apply for AU Pair resident permit visa.

Study Visa:

To get admission in Norwegian colleges you can apply for student visa to temporary stay in Norway. You can apply for visa extension as per your requirement to complete your study in college.


If you are facing inhuman treatment or any fear of persecution in your home country then you can apply for asylum.

Permanent Residence ship: Norway Immigration 

To get permanent residence or legal rights to live in Norway for long term, you can apply for Norway immigration visa for legal permit to say indefinitely.