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UK Immigration

UK Immigration Visa

UK Immigration bids different kinds of visas. To apply for visa person should know the purpose to live in UK to start the visa process. There are different kinds of visa for UK visit visa and immigration visa to stay for temporary and permanent bases in UK. If you are going to work in UK then you can apply for Work immigration visa and if you want to live in UK permanently then can apply for indefinite leave to remain.

UK Immigration

Different Types of UK Immigration Visa:

Visit Visa:

If you want to stay in UK for some time for different purposes like to study, tour, wedding, medical treatment and many other reasons then you can apply for visit visa to get lawful permission to stay in UK for three months or more. Here are different kinds of visit visas for UK

  • Marriage Visit visa
  • Business tour
  • Sport visitor
  • Event visitor
  • Child visitor


If any UK company is hiring any foreign skilled workers then company can apply for work immigration visa to the employees for their indefinitely stay in UK. Workers can also get visit visas for temporary stay in UK.

Family Immigration Visa:

UK citizen can file petition for the family member like parents, children, spouse and brother/sister. Person can get family immigration visa for UK if the applicant has green card of UK.

ILR Application:

ILR visa application is for, marriage, Tier 1, Tier 2, bereaved spouse, domestic workers, domestic violence, 10 year rules and 20 year rules.


There are two major categories for Naturalisation, one for visa is on the bases on marriage with UK citizen and second is on the bases of five year residence in UK. Former can apply for citizen ship after completing three years in UK.