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UK Top Colleges

No one can deny the statement that world-changing ideas, research and also the future leaders are brought up in the universities. It makes sense that the best schools bring in the best masterminds and thinkers, and publishing of ranking lists occurs every year to guide the brilliant students while selecting top universities for their career.

When it comes to UK, there are certain universities that are very well recognized in terms of their contributions in technical and medical fields, business or law, and even a lot of other diverse programs together with degrees. Following are a few universities that have been recognized for over past 100 years.

  • Imperial college London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King’s college London
  • University College London
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford

Imperial College London:


This college was established in 1907 and is now considered as one of the independent universities of London and it has been included in the list of world’s top institutes regarding higher education. This institute got 10th place by “Times Higher Education World university rankings” and 5th place in 2013 by the “QS world University Rankings”. The main specifications of this college are biomedical research, engineering, business and science. The best of all is that it was ranked 9th in all over the world by “The New York Times” in regards of graduate employability.

University of Edinburgh:


Established in 1583, University of Edinburgh has a great impact over the field of technology, science and also society. In 2013, “QS World University Rankings” ranked it at 17th and “Global Employability University Ranking” placed it at 15th in terms of most popular graduates with employers on the global level. The top leaders including first female Syria’s vice president named Najah al-Attar and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown graduated from this institution. Besides that, University of Edinburgh provided great services in protecting the population of endangered animals as the staff at this university created Dolly the sheep in 1996 which is the world’s first cloned mammal.

King’s College London:


King’s College London was established in the capital city of England in 1829. The most recent famous graduates of this university are Peter Higgs-Nobel prize winning theoretical physicist, Desmond Tutu-former archbishop of Cape Town and Nobel peace prize winning human rights activist, and Michael Levitt-Novel prize winning biophysicist. King’s College London School of medicine is actually considered as the biggest healthcare training facility in Europe which has a Quartet of teaching hospitals. The institute is greatly emphasizing on the research and it has played prominent role in discovering DNA’s structure and also in different advancements like television, cell phone, radar and radio. The university has been focusing on different fields like mental well being and neuroscience, cancer research, society and leadership and children’s health. In the list of QS World university rankings list, it was placed at 19th.

University College London:


The university was found in 1826 and it is considered as the University of London’s oldest constituent. It is the first university of London and it is the earliest English school that introduced the education without any discrimination against female students together with different religious backgrounds. In the QS world university rankings list, it was held at 4th and the main focus of this university is clinical and health studies, arts and humanities, social sciences and life sciences. Highly influential historical personalities belong to this university’s alumni like Alexander Graham Bell, Mahatma Gandhi and Francis Crick. The university was entitled as “intellectual powerhouse” in The Sunday Times.

University of Cambridge:


It was established in 1209 and it is the third oldest university all over the world even still operating successfully. This school has produced 90 Nobel Prize winners over the years and brilliant graduates like naturalist David Attenborough and well-known primatologist Jane Goodall of this university attract others through television. The University of Cambridge has been known for years because of prominent scientific achievements and influential alumni like Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Charles Darwin and Henry Cavendish. The most recent personalities graduating from this university in 20th century are Philosopher Bertrand Russell and economist John Byron. The QS university ranking list held this university at 3rd place.

University of Oxford:


It has been known from different evidences that Oxford University was found in 1096. A few of the brilliant and well-known former students of Oxford University are David Cameron-current British Prime Minister, Tony Blair-former British Prime Minister and Bill Clinton-former U.S President. The University of Oxford comprises of 38 colleges and all are doing well in different fields. Emphasis on Religion and politics also seems at peak in this university; till now, 20 Archbishops of Canterbury, 26 British prime ministers and 12 saints have studied in this University. Oxford also offers world’s top graduate scholarships named Rhodes scholarship and Clarendon scholarship.

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