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Canada Visit Visa

Canada provides visit visa to people who want to visit Canada purposefully by seeking Canada visit visa. These people are visitors who are lawfully in Canada for different purposes like for work, to study in college or school or tourist just came to visit Canada. Person who has visit visa is not considered as Canadian or permanent citizen of Canada. For temporary visit, person should have a visit visa for some duration in the possession of visa when appears at POE (Port Of Entry).

4F Consultant provides you complete information about what is required to apply for Visit Visa, how to start process for visit visa or how to extent your visit visa. You can apply for visit visa for different objectives like mentioned below:

  • To visit Canada as tourist
  • To Visit your family
  • To visit for your job
  • To Travel In Canada

For Canadian visit visa there is only two important steps that you should follow to get your visa.

Who Need To Apply For Canada Visit Visa?

People who are living in these countries that are mentioned below do not need to apply for visit visa; they can travel or visit Canada without Visa.

  • Andorra, Austria, and Barbuda,
  • Australia, Antigua
  • Bahamas, Chile, Croatia, Barbados, Belgium,  Brunei, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Holy See, Greece,
  • Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel
  • Italy, Japan, Korea
  • Latvia, Luxembourg
  • Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Poland
  • Portugal, Sweden, Samoa, San Marino, Slovenia, , Spain, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Solomon Islands ,Taiwan
  • British Citizens
  • United State permanent Residents Canada Visit Visa

What Is Required To Apply For Canada Visit Visa?

Before visiting Canada visa office you are required to have the following information attached to your visa application.

  • You should have valid travel passport or document
  • Two passport size photos according to the instruction of Canadian visa office like background color etc.
  • Enclosed Visit Visa fee. Note your fee is not refundable in case your application gets rejected.
  • Proof or insurance to show that you have enough money to stay at Canada for all expenses there.
  • You should have all documents like National ID Card, Birth Certificate, proof of Job in Canada, invitation letter by your Canadian relatives or proof of your college admission.

How To Apply For Canada Visit Visa?

To Apply for Canada Visit Visa follow these steps:

  1. In order to start the process firstly you have to submit your application for Canada Tourist Visa either online or by using paper application form.
  2. If you choose an online method then you have to complete your Online ETA Visa Application.
  3. Add all travel details and information of your passport in given blanks.
  4. Once you have entered all the information, pay application processing fee according to fee scale of your country.
  5. After submission of fee your application will processed instantly and would be linked up with your passport number.
  6. You will get a confirmation status of your ETA Visa application through Email.
  7. Next you will get a call for interview at Canadian embassy, they will ask you different questions like reason for going Canada, how long you will stay there, and who will sponsor you. They will ask you some proof and decide either they accept your application or not.
  8. On accepting your application they will give you visa on your passport.

How To Extend Your Canada Visit Visa?

After getting your visit visa you can visit Canada within six month of your visa issue. For the first time you will get six month visa and further you can apply to extend your visa by submitting visa extension application to Canada visa office. Person can travel to Canada with visit visa maximum for five years and a month prior before your passport expiry date.