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Norway visit visa

Norway Visit Visa

Person can be granted a Norway Visit Visa as tourist, student, employee and visitor. To Visit Norway for short term duration does not require permanent citizenship. Visit visa for Norway is valid for only three months and as per rule visit visa cannot extend after you come into the Schengen Area. You can only apply for visa extension if any unpredicted thing happens in Schengen area but if your original visit was approved for less than three months.

Who Can Get Norway Visit Visa?

According to principle everyone is allowed to visit Norway. There are following reasons for any person who can get visit visa to Norway.

  • To visit parents of children
  • To visit your spouse
  • To Visit your family or relatives
  • To join your new job or for business purpose
  • To attend any event like cultural occasions
  • Tourism

Documents Required For Norway Visit Visa? Norway visit visa

  • You should have application form.
  • A photo that must be approved for visa sticker
  • Travel documents or your passport
  • A written letter from your sponsor who must be citizen of Norway.

Fee Requirement:

You have to submit fee on the submission of your visa application. You can get fee rates and details by calling at Norwegian Foreign Service mission.

How To Apply For Norway Visit Visa?

To submit your application to start your visa process you should follow these details.

  • Visit your nearest Norwegian embassy in your region.
  • If you are applying at Norwegian embassy you have to first register your application at Norwegian online application portal
  • You can to create your online account here to register your application by filling online form.
  • You have to submit your other required documents with your application at embassy.
  • Mostly application are processed at embassy so, you can fill application online or can download application form to submit it on embassy.

How Long Visit Visa Process Takes Time?

If you have registered your application at Norwegian Foreign Service mission then you will receive a letter within two weeks. Sometimes the process depends upon the work load of embassy so it’s better to ask expected process time at time of application submission.

How can you apply, if you are getting married in Norway?

If you are going to Norway with your granted visit visa to marry in Norway then you have to write an application to mention that you are getting married within 90 days of your entrance in Norway. After that you can apply for permit residence ship after getting married there.