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Germany Immigration Visa

All the individuals seeking for superb and permanent employment in Germany have to have a residence permit that is a visa. A work permit will likewise be included along with the visa issued in this regard. However, there are a few countries the citizens of whom are not required to get such a residence permit for Germany.

Where And Also How To Apply?

Citizens of Australia, USA, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Switzerland together with EU citizens are allowed to apply for the permit for work right after entering Germany even without any visa. However, citizens belonging to remaining countries are definitely supposed to apply as well as get a visa regarding work purposes before entering the German Embassy located within Washington, the Consulates present in Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York.

Click here to get the application form for the immigration visa online. On behalf of local particularities that are responsible for handling as well as processing might vary to some extent among the German missions being so involved.

Except for certain cases, you must submit your application in only person. After submitting all the documents, the application will then be sent to the Aliens’ Office (i.e. Ausländeramt) to plan about intended place of your residence within Germany. The processing time of application is 1 to 3 months. Germany Immigration Visa

After the approval of your application by alien’s office, the Embassy or Consulate will then issue you a residence permit in terms of a visa, that will be including the permit to work within Germany. Hence there is no more need to get any further permit to work in Germany.

Consular Mission or Embassy will grant visa to scientists that have a scholarship provided by a German scientific organization even within a couple of days.

Required Documents

  • Two application forma entirely filled and also the duplicate of required declaration
  • Two of your latest passport photographs
  • Unexpired national passport together with two copies. Please take into account the following important regulations about your travel document or passport:
  1.  the validity of your passport must extend the duration of your visa up to 3 months
  2.  Passport must have two blank pages
  3. it mustn’t be issued more than 10 years before otherwise it will not be accepted. This requirement applies when your countries declares to extend the validity period of your passport.
  • Letter of intent of employment contract issued by your Germany employer and also its copies
  • your driving license together with utility bill so as to prove your residence in the consular area where you are actually planning to apply