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USA Immigration Visa

Foreign residents who want to live in USA permanently should have immigration visa. USA immigration visa permits a person to live in USA lawfully for unlimited time period. It is very important question that should arise in your mind when think of staying in USA. You should know either you want to go temporary or permanent? And For what reason you are going to USA to start your visa process. Person should know about who may immigrate to USA and on what conditions?

There is number of vias are limited every year for some categories. When number of immigrant applicant exceed from the limit then the applications of others applicants are shifted to the waiting lists.

There different types of immigration visa and different requirements to fulfill the criteria for getting visa. All procedure is depends on the reason to immigrate the USA. Person will get visas only for permanent stay in USA with the sponsorship of USA citizen who is relative to him. There are few requirement and step by step procedures to get visas.

Type of USA Immigration Visa:USA Immigration

Immigration bases on Family:

USA citizen can file immigration petition for spouse, parents, children, and brother & sister. To start petition citizen has to file 1-130 petition for Alien family members. The person who is filing this petition must have USA green card.

Immigration bases on Employment:

USA employer can sponsor skilled workers to give them chances for doing jobs in USA by living permanently. USA immigration law allows view immigrants to sponsors themselves. Skilled workers can get different kinds of immigration visa to work in USA. Employer has to file 1-140 petitions for Alien worker.

Other Visit Immigration Visa:

Some immigrant applies for immigration visa for family and employment but there are different other immigration visa types that are for either permanent stay or temporary. USA citizen can file petition for fiancé visa to be married in United State and there are diverse reasons for applying for immigration visa.

How To Apply For USA Immigration Visa?

  • First of all USA citizens have to file the respective petition for the exact reason to apply for application as if person is going to file petition for family immigration then it requires to submit 1-130 petition.
  • Submit the petition and next wait for approval for the petition to follow the next steps.
  • Next check the priority date and after that submit your visa fee through bank draft.
  • Choose an agent and after that start National Visa Center (NVC) process.
  • After that submit all requirement and documents to NVC according to the requirement you need to provide.
  • Next submit your visa application and after collect financial documents.
  • Next collect supporting documents and submit documents to NVC and go for interview.
  • After interview you have to prepare for visa application interview to get visa.